Barbara Venezia...

Work out With me!

I've been practicing yoga since I was 16 years old. 

I'm now 60 and still continue a daily practice -which I share each morning with a select group
 of friends live online.  

For years they've been asking me to tape some of those classes so they could work out
 anytime as their schedule allowed.   So here are a few of my morning classes.

Remember, yoga is a personal practice so modify postures to fit what your body
 needs each day. 

Always move to the point of resistance - never to the point of pain, and rest in 
child's pose when you feel you need to. 

Each class is different and geared to varying levels of expertise. 

Yoga has been a life long practice in my life and I am happy to share my
 experience with you. 

Enjoy this Yoga On-Demand!